Seine River First Nation employs a Director of Services (DOS) that oversees the daily, weekly, monthly and annual functions in the area of Human Resources and Administration as they relate to the staff and employees of Seine River First Nation. 
The DOS manages the administrative portion of the community (Health, Housing, O&M, Education, etc programs) of the community.

The day-to-day administration activities of the band and of the staff is the responsibility of the Director of Services.

Conduct staff meetings on a monthly basis or as often as necessary, monitors and addresses the Attendance/Absenteeism of all staff members and/or other employees, monitors and address the work performance of all staff members and/or other employees.

The Director also receive complaints or grievances that are taken against any staff member or employee of Seine River First Nation, utilizing and implementing actions with the Personnel Policy and intervenes and/or act as a mediator of all conflicts and disputes that involve a staff member or employee of Seine River First Nation.

Contact Information:

Director of Services

Tony Marinaro
(807) 599-2224 ext 2006