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Seine River First Nation have reserved for itself three Indian Reserve tracts:

1,758.8 hectares (4,346 acres) Seine River 23A (Ashkibwaanikaaning in the Ojibwe language), which serves as their main reserve.

904.5 hectares (2,235 acres) Seine River 23B (Mitaawangwe-ziibiing in the Ojibwe language)

2,488.9 hectares (6,150 acres) Sturgeon Falls 23 (Name-gojijiing in the Ojibwe language)


Registered Population as of July, 2021

Residency and Number of People

Registered Males On Own Reserve – 162

Registered Females On Own Reserve  – 200

Registered Males On Other Reserves – 5

Registered Females On Other Reserves – 5

Registered Males Off Reserve – 211

Registered Females Off Reserve – 220

Total Registered Population  – 804