our leadership

The Seine River First Nation Chief and Council believe in the importance of being accountable, transparent and responsible to its membership. The expectation of good governance and administration is the most important function of this and the encouraging the working together to achieve Seine River First Nation goals and objectives.  

As our membership has spread across Canada and the United States, effective communication has sometimes been challenging.  It is our intention to improve communication within our membership by providing more timely updates via the internet and this site.  We also hope that this tool will provide a better avenue whereby the First Nation can receive more feedback from our membership.  As we all know, social media sites such as facebook are popular, but they sometimes contain misleading and incorrect information.  We trust that the information contained in our official site is accurate, up-to-date and portrays the actual state and directives of the First Nation.

Effective communication is important in all aspects of maintaining, managing and conveying what  Seine River First Nation is doing.  As the governing structure of Seine River First Nation Chief and Council strive to work in a professional and accountable manner. As the overall leaders of the Seine River First Nation Chief and Council have complex functions that require critical thinking and knowledge of public administration and governance.