Medical Van Services

Services include Transportation for the following appointments to Fort Frances:

  • general practitioners
  • specialists
  • therapy (as referred by a general practitioner or specialist)
  • dental
  • optometry

Client Eligibility

To be eligible to receive medical transportation benefits under the Non-Insured Health Benefits Program, a person must be:
A registered Indian according to the Indian Act; or Must reside on Seine River First Nation

Operating Policies/ Procedures- Non Emergency Medical Van

Patients requesting services must arrange their own appointments according to the following restrictions:  Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 4 pm.

Patient shall inform the health center of their appointment the24 hours before the appointment.

The following information is required at the time of booking the medical van (date of the appointment, time of the appointment, name of the  doctor being seen, Clients Status number, phone number and address)

Personal use of the medical van is prohibited.

Patients shall be picked up at the location specified at the time of medical van booking.  The driver shall wait no more than five minutes past the pickup time agreed to, if no one seems to be coming, the driver shall leave and continue on his regular scheduled route.  The patient is then responsible for their own transportation for that appointment.

Clients are responsible to stay at the facility of their appointment when they HAVE finished their appointment. If the client leaves the facility they will not be eligible for transportation back to the First Nation.

At no time shall alcohol, intoxicants, and or non-prescription drugs be transported in the medical van.

The driver maintains the right to refuse service to any person found to be in possession of or under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants, and or non-prescription drugs.

The van driver is not responsible for looking after children while parents/guardians are seeing the doctor.  Patients are responsible for making suitable child care arrangements.

Baby/child safety restraints shall be made available.  All passengers must wear seat belts and or restraints at all times while the van is in operation.

Smoking is not permitted on the medical van at anytime.

No food or beverages are permitted on the medical van at any time.

There will be no unscheduled stops

Anyone under the age of sixteen(16) must be accompanied by an adult (18 years of age and older)
In a true emergency situation, an ambulance should be called.

Complaints should be made in writing and signed by the patient. Complaints should be submitted to the Community Health Representative.

This transportation policy shall be posted in the Health Center and available in the van, on request.

All information pertaining to patients shall be held in the strictest confidence.


Medical Transportation out of Fort Frances Area.

Medical Transportation Benefits may be provided for clients to access the following types of medically required health services.

Medical services defined as insured services by provincial/territorial health plans (eg. Appointments with physician, hospital care)

Diagnostic tests and medical treatments covered by provincial/territorial health plans

Alcohol, solvent, drug abuse and detox treatment

Traditional healers and

Non-Insured Health Benefits (vision, dental, mental health)


Client Eligibility

To be eligible to receive medical transportation benefits under the Non-Insured Health Benefits Program, a person must be:

A registered Indian according to the Indian Act; or

An infant up to one year old of an eligible parent.

Operating Policies/ Procedures- Medical Transportation out of district

Contact the Community Health Center.  This must be done two weeks prior to appointment date.


The following information will be required to process the application through NIHB.

Documentation with appointment information (date, time, location, name of health care professional being seen)

Client information (name, date of birth, status number, address with postal code)

Referral information (name of referring health care professional, specialty)

Documentation from referring health care professional or health care professional being seen stating that an escort is medically required.

Name of the escort if an escort is required.


The information provided is faxed to NIHB local office that processes it for approval.  Approval or denial of an application is forwarded to Seine River First Nation.  Client is informed of decision by Health Centre Staff.

Medical transportation benefits include ground, water and air travel, meals and accommodations.



Contact Information


Community Health Representative

Frances Kabatay

(807) 599-2224 ext.